An Open House

The PalaisPopulaire is forum for people who want to experience art, culture, and sports in interdisciplinary ways under one roof. It offers a wide-ranging program that brings together myriad aspects of contemporary culture, including exhibitions from the Deutsche Bank Collection, international cooperation partners, and private collections, as well as literature, music, sports parkour, performance, and dance.

A special focus is our bespoke educational program, featuring guided tours by curators and thematic tours, readings, children’s workshops, digital offers, and family brunches. At the PalaisTalks, visitors have the opportunity to meet artists presented from the exhibitions in person, as well as figures from the world of culture, politics, and sports.

Situated in the heart of Berlin, the PalaisPopulaire combines tradition and future visions. We want to thrill people and create access. “Populaire” means that the venue is open to everyone yet still intellectually appealing. The PalaisPopulaire amalgamates sophisticated topics with new and joint experiences.

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